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Our Objectives


1. propagate ancient Indian Culture in a scientific way using the latest technologies, among the youth and help revive the ancient, vibrant Indian culture, by promoting study of ancient, historical works representing the Indian Culture enriched with “Universal Values” for the Mankind.

2. providing "Spiritual Education for Younger Generation"

3. teaching Samskrit to young children from an early age

4. To preserve, foster and promote the traditional system of learning in Vedic, Agamic Literature.

5. To facilitate and regulate advance study and research in the fields like

    Veda & Upanishads, Bhagavadgita, Yoga, Ayurveda, Agama Shastra, Alankara, Natya Shastra and
    Classical Music and any other topics that play key role in enhancing spiritual awareness

6. To consolidate, revive and promote the Bharateeya Jnana Parampara as also to integrate the scientific thoughts contained in the Vedas and Samskrit Literature

7. To bring out awareness about the authentic interpretations of the Vedas and Upanishads

8. To create a world wide network of Spiritual, Vedic, Samskrit Institutions, Educational and Research oriented Institutes having similar objectives with reciprocal arrangements and facilities for interaction with a view to fostering a synergy of efforts made by all such Institutions all over the world.

9. To translate/publish all the Vedas, Shastrik works and related texts, Bhashyas and Commentaries in as many popular languages used in the world as possible.

10. To build-up audio, audio-visual records of Vedic Chanting and related traditional practices.

11. To take appropriate measures for promoting inter-disciplinary studies and research and such other related activities.

12. To collect, preserve, critically edit and publish rare manuscripts and ancient works by establishing an Oriental Research Institute in Samskrit.

13. To computerize and digitize the entire corpus of manuscripts and Samskrit texts.

14. To bring out Research journals of high standard from repurted scholars.

15. To organise seminars, conferences, workshops, Vidvath Goshties with a view to promoting awareness about the messages contained in ancient knowledge systems.

16. To undertake any other activities connected with or incidental to above objectives of the Foundation.

17. To do such acts and other things, whether incidental to the power of aforesaid or not, as may be required in order to promote the objectives of the Foundation.


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